- Since 1993 -

The Kansas City Photographer You Haven't Met

Who am I

Just a guy who loves to take photos and use my creativity to make other people smile.

Why I started

Photography allows me to be creative in my own way and capture amazing portraits and landscapes.

Where Am I

I’m located in the Kansas City area. Consistently traveling between Lawrence & Kansas City to take pictures.   

The Unknown is your opportunity

We want to create something that does more than just look nice. How are the creative photos of the future going to look like? Let me help you find out!


My first important aspect is to make sure I'm taking a great photo. Next is to make sure I'm taking care of my clients as well.


Editing is very important to a photo, it helps give life to the photo. I do have my own touch on how I like to do photos, so be sure to check out my style before scheduling a shoot.

The Process

The process is pretty simple, before the shoot I like to sit down or have a phone call to discuss what you're looking for. This allows me to be prepared on what to capture during the photoshoot before I get there.

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