How I went from a High school grad with no college experience to a successful -
SEO MasterMind In Kansas City

Spent researching the topc
Books I've read on the subject
Companies and counting doing SEO jobs

Who does SEO apply to?

Breaking News: It Applies To Every Company

The common thing around SEO is that anyone can do it. Yet the turnover rate is extremely high and is only getting higher because, the company doesn’t understand what SEO is. 

That’s where we differ from everyone else, look below to learn why:

  • We'll have a sit down meeting looking at your search engine rankings and where you can improve and how we can help you get there.
  • Make sure you have no broken links and the site can be crawled by google.
  • Checking to make sure your all your tags are correctly filled in and their relevant to your topic.
  • Bi-weekly / Monthly meetings to determine how things are coming and any additional steps to improve it along the way.
Percent of people use a search engine to find food
Percent of people use a search engine for their next pair of attire
percent of people read google reviews before purchasing a product

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